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From year to year the number of Norwegian students who are studying abroad is increasing. Foreign countries are ready to host students from Norway and give them a wide choice of universities and specializations. Poland is one of such countries. As the statistics shows, Norwegian students take the third place in the number of international students in Poland. Such popularity of Polish universities among Norwegians could be explained by the various advantages the Polish universities have.

Advantages of studying in Poland for candidates from Norway

Poland is an extremely developing country, but the living costs here are lower than in other European countries. That is why, while studying in Poland, students from Norway will spend less money for basic needs than they would spend studying in their country. The money students save could be spent for other activities. Students can afford to travel to various countries, go to the restaurants, and do other entertainment activities and in such way make their student life interesting and unforgettable.

A lot of Norwegian students want to connect their future careers with medicine. More and more candidates want to start their education in Medical universities and colleges. But, unfortunately, it is difficult to enter a medical university in Norway. In this country there are not many universities where students can study medicine and entrants must have really high grades to become students. That is why Poland is the best choice to study medicine. Polish medical universities invite Norwegians and other international students to get high-qualified education and make their dreams to become doctors come true. In contrast to the process of entering the higher medical education establishment in Norway, in Poland it is much easier to become a student. Mostly every university offers to study medicine in English, so the language will not be a problem for foreigners.

Of course, Polish universities propose not only Medical studies. Students from Norway are always welcome to study on other faculties. All higher educational establishments have various faculties and specializations, so everyone can choose what he/she likes more. Universities provide students with European education of high quality, so after finishing studies you will definitely become a specialist in your sphere.

So, if you are an entrant from Norway, and you have a great willing to get higher education in Poland, you are welcome to come. It will be pleasant for Polish universities to see Norwegians as international students in Poland, and “ENTRANT” Agency will be happy to help you make the process of entering the higher education establishment clear and easy.

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