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More and more candidates from Kazakhstan are getting interested in obtaining foreign higher education. The research shows that Poland is one of the European leaders in terms of the number of graduates, as well as the amount of universities. That is why we advise all potential students from Kazakhstan to apply to this country. Studying in Poland for Kazakhs is a unique opportunity to obtain a high-quality European education on an affordable price.
Polish diploma of higher education will give you numerous opportunities for the career growth in all European countries and all around the world, if you are a candidate from Kazakhstan. It’s clearly the merit of the official European educational standards which were adopted in Poland, as well. Moreover, studying in the common economical and political area of the European Union allows students from Kazakhstan to participate in different exchange programs (ERASMUS, for example), scientific conferences and forums. Thanks to that you’ll have lots of chances to obtain deep knowledge in the chosen academic area. And all your free time you may spend on travelling to the countries of the Schengen Area!
All foreign students including those from Kazakhstan get the right to be employed whilst studying at the university. Additionally, internships and part-time jobs are very popular among students as they allow them to receive an official job offer by their completion. Those universities we are cooperating with are situated in the largest cities of the country, which increases the probability of your successful employment.
Another issue you are, obviously, interested in is the price of studies and living in Poland. The amount you’ll pay for studies is relatively small and you won’t probably find any difference between the tuition fees you could have paid in Kazakhstan. The same approach is applicable to the prices of living. All foreign students notice that the prices of groceries, clothes, entertainment and often of accommodation (in case you opt for living in a dorm-room) tend to be suitable for the student budget. That is another reason for applying to a Polish university.
It won’t be difficult and won’t take long for the Kazakhstan candidates to adapt new local lifestyle. Also, there is no need to worry about the so-called “language barrier”: Polish is a little bit similar to Russian and we can assure you’ll learn it very quickly. The national communities of students from different countries, including Kazakhstan, are widely supported in developed in large cities, like Warsaw. So, you’ll easily find new friends from your motherland, as well as from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan and many-many others.
“ENTRANT” Agency will gladly help all the candidates from Kazakhstan to enter the chosen Polish university. Our main advantage is that we are going to help you throughout the application process and the transfer to Poland; we’ll help you to find accommodation and will share little hints and secrets on living in Poland. Our coordinators will help you to find the answers to all of your questions and will provide you with all necessary information for a successful start of your studies in Poland. +48 22 427 5948