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The opportunity of obtaining education in Poland has always attracted lots of foreign students including those from Belarus. Despite the fact that Polish education is so popular there are not so many Belarusian students here. Some data shows that the number of Belarusian students that study in Poland is around 14,3%; it is not as much as it may initially seem, especially if being compared to the amount of Ukrainian students that live here.

If you have a goal of entering a foreign university, then, first of all, you need to choose a country where to study in very carefully. Polish education has lots of benefits. Here are some of them:

• Polish education matches all the official European educational standards; the teaching staff of all universities consists of very qualified teachers and the range of offered faculties and programs will satisfy the demands even of the most exacting candidate;
• The amount of tuition fees is not very different from those the student pays in Belarus; you should also bear in mind that it will take only 3 years instead of 4 or 5 to obtain a bachelor degree as it does in Belarus;
• If proceeding with the financial aspect of studies, you also need to remember that living in Poland tends to be more affordable than in Belarus. Polish grocery shopping will probably cost you twice as less as you would pay in Belarus. The main spending of yours will probably be the apartment rental (however, you have an option of living in a dorm-room);
• Higher education in Poland represents a developed system of students’ exchange within the European Union. The students receive an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and develop their professionalism when studying in one of the Polish universities;
• Another factor is a close geographic position of Poland with respect to Belarus. It allows the enrolled students to easily travel back to their motherland as well as it allows parents to visit them whenever they want.

The “ENTRANT” Agency helps foreign students, including those who are from Belarus, when applying to Polish universities. We will be glad to help you and council you through the application process, and give you a hand in ordered for you to become a student of a chosen university and obtain a high-quality education. +48 22 427 5948