The research shows that the amount of Azerbaijani candidates that move abroad in order to obtain higher education increases more and more each year. The main contribution of such a tendency is the fact of existence of governmental programs, the programs provided by the Ministry of Education and others. One of the options each candidate has is to pay the tuition fees by themselves. Obviously, due to the development of such a system of support of foreign education for the local candidates from Azerbaijan, there are not many people who opt for the latter choice. Nevertheless, the “ENTRANT” Agency would like to suggest you an attractive alternative in order to obtain the education in Poland that fulfills all European standards for a very affordable price.

The Republic of Poland has been one of the leaders in numerous rankings of the number of students, graduates and the amount of the higher educational establishments for the previous years. Unfortunately, there are not many candidates that possess accurate information about all the benefits education in Poland can give them. Poland is a very economical option to study for the bachelor’s or master’s degrees for the potential students from Azerbaijan.

To become a student of a chosen Polish university you will be asked to fulfill a couple of requirements. You won’t have to worry about the interviews you supposedly need to succeed in (only if you have an international certificate of English or Polish proficiency) to attend the studies either in a private or a state university. All the questions, issues and universities’ requirements can be solved and fulfilled via e-mail, Skype or phone thanks to the services provided by our Agency. That will save you time and eliminate you travelling here from Azerbaijan, as well as cancel out the unnecessary worries during the application process.

Most of the Polish universities offer their potential students both Polish- and English-language programs. It often turns out that the Azerbaijani candidates are very responsible when it comes to their future and perspectives. You will have a possibility to obtain European education; your diploma will be also recognized in all European countries and in the most countries of the world when graduating from a Polish higher educational establishment.All in all, it should help you to build a successful career you aim for.

If you are a recent high school or university graduate from Azerbaijan and you are interested in foreign educational programs, then we would kindly advice you to consider Poland as a possible choice. In our turn, we will be happy to provide you with all necessary information on the enrollment process; we will prepare all the documents and will make sure you safely transfer to Poland and become a student of one of the local universities.

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