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Every future student who wants to study in Poland in a English language studies must understand that he is going to another country where communication takes place in another language, where lectures and classes are taught in a different language too. The applicant must study the language, regardless of whether or not the university requires or not, at least on a communicative level for their own comfort and confidence that will cope with the beginning of education and adaptation.

English language studies – admission without English knowledge

For those who wish to study in Poland but prefer to study English language or to study two languages ​​simultaneously, or applicants who do not speak Polish, can study in English. More and more universities offer English language studies at various educational levels. These curricula are conducted not only in English but also focus on international values ​​and aspects of their content.

When applying to the Polish University for an English-language program, it’s all very easy if the applicant know a language. In this situation it is necessary to pass the test for obtaining international certification at the level, at least, B1. The most well-known and recognized universities in Poland at the registration of TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, Cambridge ESOL and others.

Everything is much more complicated if the applicant doesn’t know or has a minimum knowledge of English, because without language certification you have no chances of admission. If you still want to study in Poland on programs taught in English, the output is an intensive study of the language on one year English language course. Yes, you need to devote a whole year to studying the language, but in the end – the introduction to the desired educational program. These language courses are stationary in Polish universities, often called zero courses, which prepares a candidates for entry and study. It is worth noting that such a course ends with the receipt of a certificate.