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You may be surprised but even after accomplishing the 9th grade you can apply to study in Poland and get a tech-education. Moreover, this type of education is completely free of tuition fees and charges. You’ll only have to pay for dormitory, meal plan and textbooks. Those expenses will constitute around 120-150 EUR per month.

In 2010 the contract that allows students to study in Poland after the 9th grade was signed between cities of Western and Central Ukraine and the city of Lublin.

In order to become a student of a Polish technical school you don’t have to write any exams. The only enrollment condition is an interview in Polish language. It means that you should be able to read, write and speak Polish. Another important factor you need to take into account is that parents will have to accompany their underage children. Until the child is 16 years old parents will have to come to Poland and accompany him/her back home during holidays. This is the reason for one of the parents to have a valid passport when applying to the technical school.

You can also choose various study programs: tourism, logistics, veterinary, electrician, landscape design, informatics, gardening, etc.

Technical education in Poland is usually a 100% guarantee of further employment. Those specialists are highly demanded in the country and in the European Union.

The ENTRANT Agency is one of the few firms that is an official representative of Polish technical universities that helps Ukrainian candidates start their education in Poland after the 9th grade. We are experienced in this field and our candidates have successfully started studying at the technical schools.

Studying in Polish technical school is:

– Free education of high quality;
– An opportunity to receive in scholarship for the academic excellence of 300 PLN per month;
– An opportunity to quickly adapt and find new friends as the classes are held in groups of not more than 30 students together with Polish children;
– Additional classes of Polish language organized especially for Ukrainian students;
– An opportunity to study 2 foreign languages: English and French or German;
– An opportunity to receive an internship that matches your studying specialty;
– Constant custody and living on the territory of the school with all-day security;
– Health insurance for the whole period of studies (PZU insurance);
– Professional title according to the program.

For more detailed information about the application process, required documents and any other questions, please, contact us +48 22 427 5948