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Enrollees, who have decided to get higher education in Poland or any other country in the world, often have a question which university to choose, public or private one.

“If you want to get education of good quality, choose public university to study at”, usually, exactly this phrase hear young people who decided to get higher education. But let’s learn some more information whether this phrase is true.

First of all, old traditions of public universities make them so popular. Some decades, or even hundreds of years of university’s history, greatest scientists and large infrastructure objects attract a lot of students. Usually, campuses of Polish public universities are old and even historical buildings, but also new ones appear. Modern laboratories, workshops and buildings which are full of multimedia and last technical innovations, help students to make their studies easier and more comfortable.

Studying at Polish public universities means be taught by best staff of teachers. Mostly every scientist who has the desire to develop scientific achievements is connected with the public university. A lot of important researches, publications of scientific articles, and international conferences are held at public universities. Also, scientists have lectures with students and aspirants, in order to share knowledge they have and supply students with actual information. As a rule, best staff means high level, so more scientists university has, higher level the university is and more students are interested in it.

There is one more important advantage for foreigners who have Polish roots. Those students, who have Polish roots and have Poles Card, can study for free or get 30% of discount for education in Polish program. In such case, Polish government pays for student’s education. Besides this, universities have big system of social provision which is also open for foreign students.

For those students who do not have Polish roots, the cost for education is higher than at private universities. According to the Polish Law, education for foreigners at public universities in Poland cannot be lesser than 2000EUR a year. The average cost of education at Polish public universities for international students is from 2000 to 5000EUR a year.

During the last 20 years, there were a lot of changes in Polish education system, but till this time education at public universities is considered to be the best one. But, according to rates which take into account all aspects of system of education, private universities in Poland are not behind the public ones; private also take best places in ratings. In Poland there are a lot of good private universities, as well as bad public universities exist.

The choice is yours! Try to know all pros and cons before you make a decision at which university to study. Also, contact our company. It will be a pleasure for ENTRANT to help you to choose university and solve all questions connected with the admission process in Poland.

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