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Do you want to study in Poland? But you do not know, what specialty to choose? You can not determine, what is relevant at the labor market now? We offer you to stay at the specialty «Alternative energy sources»! Recently, choice of this specialty becomes more and more popular among foreign students and among Polish youth.

Among the problems of a global nature on the foreground is the issue of energy resources of the planet. Now all are aware that resources such as oil, gas, coal, and others begin to decline and in a relatively short period of time they can be exhausted. The European Union is actively searching for alternative sources of energy to replace the traditional ones. In connection with this, the educational program of this specialty funded by the European Union in all educational institutions in Poland. This allows students to receive a high level of education. Perhaps, you can help to solve the problems of mankind, because you can become an expert in the field of energy.

Speciality “Alternative energy sources” will give you knowledge in the technical and natural area, which allows you to design, implement and manage new technologies. For those who have the knowledge and experience in the implementation of new alternative energy technology guaranteed high wages and rapid career growth. The main problem is that at the moment there is an acute shortage of professionals in this field, not only in Poland, but also in other European countries.

You can study in colleges and universities in Poland, and become a specialist in this field. You can get a degree in this specialty after finishing 9-10 form in such colleges as Zespół Szkół Agrotechnicznych i Gospodarki Żywnościowej in Radom or in Crakow, namely, in building College. As for the university, you can get a degree in alternative sources of energy at the University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Wroclaw, in Warsaw University of Technologyand others. All universities are equipped with special laboratories for practical classes.

When you become a graduate of this specialty, you can always find high-paying job in the international leading companies, as well as those companies that have a policy of preserving the Earth’s natural resources. You will be able to get a job in the given sphere both in Poland and in the other any country! You will always be able to self-realization in the given sphere, as a specialty, “Alternative energy sources” is not only our future, but also the present.

If you are interested in getting an education in the direction of alternative sources of energy in one of the colleges or universities in Poland or any other specialization? Contact us, we will help you to choose the right option!

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