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You want to study in Poland but you haven’t yet decided in which city? It’s in no way surprising. You need to take into consideration many factors like the amount of money required, perspectives of finding a job or part-time job as well as the places to spend your free time in. You need to remember that when going to the university you’ll spend a couple of years in one or another city or maybe you’ll stay there for the rest of your life.

There are several cities in Poland that definitely fall into the definition of typical student cities. One of the most important evaluation criteria is the number of students in the city. It is actually true that the higher the density of students, the more powerful is their influence on the local society. Let’s have a look on the cities with the highest student density and will determine which of those are worth being called the biggest scientific centers.


You shouldn’t be surprised that Warsaw is ranked first in this rating. Out of 1.7 mln population 278 000 are students. In 2010 the students who were living in Warsaw constituted 14.6% of the total number of students. If you are considering the capital as the place to study in you will have a great choice: there are around 78 universities and 66 of them are private. Studying in Warsaw is a great opportunity to find a job for many students. Possibility of employment is a very important aspect for students. Nowadays, the unemployment level in Warsaw is only 4.9 % and the average wage in the corporate sector is approximately 4995.41 PLN. Warsaw has good infrastructure: buses, trams, metro, bicycles and trains. The less optimistic side of living in the capital is the housing prices. The rental price of an apartment per 1 sq. m varies from 31 to 47 PLN.


Cracow is ranked the second in this rating and, again, that is not surprising at all. Cracow is the classical example of what can be called an educational centre with old traditions. The number of students who live in the city is approximately 207 000. If you are interested in studying in Cracow then you can choose a university that suits you best out of 33, 19 of which are defined as private. The unemployment level is 6.1% and the average wage is 3547 PLN. The city is also not the most affordable one in terms of housing. The average price level for the rental of 1 sq. m in Cracow varies from 24 to 42 PLN.


Wrocław is the next in our list. The city has lots of ancient traditions and a long history. These facts explain why it is ranked the third. The number of students is 155 000. The variety of the universities is enormous in relation to the size of the city – there are 38 universities, 25 of which are private. The unemployment level in Wrocław is 5.7% and the average wage is 3685 PLN. The rental price per 1 sq. m is in the range between 26 and 40 PLN.


On the fourth place you can find Poznań that is widely known as one of the largest “student” cities. There are around 130 000 students who live in the city. Those who are willing to study in Poznań wiil have a choice of 25 universities are situated here, 17 of which are considered as private. The unemployment level in the city is very low and as for now it is estimated to be at 4.2%. The average wage is 3081 PLN. The rental price per 1 sq. m is in the range between 22 and 30 PLN.

We hope you will be glad with the university you choose and you life in one of the Polish cities. The ENTRANT Agency cooperates with many universities in different cities of Poland. Our consultants will provide you with all necessary information about the universities as well as the living conditions in Poland. Please, contact us; we are happy to help you.