During several months, Polish Ministry of Education was creating a program of internationalization of science and higher education. One of the main goals of this program is rising up a mobility of students and professors, including increasing number of students-foreigners at Polish universities. Changes come into effect from October 2016. However, what exactly will be changed and which new conditions will be provided for international students?

Firstly, now there will be no minimal tuition fee for foreigners at all public universities. According to new rules, rector of each university will set the pricing policy of higher educational establishment, observing the condition that the price cannot be lower than planned tuition fee. We remind that minimal tuition rate for foreigners at public universities was 2000 euro per year, so not everyone could afford to study there. It is predicted that this change will promote reduction in tuition fees for foreigners.

Secondly, registration fee, so called a one-time payment for the introduction of the candidate in the list of students and the examination of his/her documents, now also will be regulated. Earlier, registration fee was 200 euro, and now this sum will be reduced. Please remember that in case student refuse to start education or any other reason, this sum will be not refunded.

Also, changes claim that semester fee must be paid not later than the date of beginning of education according to the educational schedule. Costs for preparing and taking part in scientific researches and development activities must be paid not later than the date of their beginning. In some reasonable cases, rector can prolong the termination of payment or give a permission to pay tuition fee in parts.

So, as we can see, education abroad becomes more available. Candidates who plans to enter Polish universities for 2017/2018 educational year, will be able to use all these changes.

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