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If you are thinking of getting higher education in Poland in management – see what you can learn during science and which universities stand at the top of the ranking.

Specialty management – for whom?

Why has the specialty management been popular for many years among Polish applicants? Every year, many young people choose this direction in the process of apply. It is the interdisciplinary nature of this specialty that affects its attractiveness. This facukty is best for people whose interests include social and economic sciences.

Management is a field of science that educates managers and experts with qualifications in management, economics and finance. The student acquires the knowledge, skills and social competencies necessary for the effective management of market-oriented enterprises and non-profit institutions. He is ready to perform managerial and personnel functions in companies and administrative or financial institutions, as well as independently conduct business.

What subjects are studied while studying at the Faculty of Management?

Almost every university in Poland offers studies of management. The interdisciplinary nature of this field of study means that each university establishes its own individual curriculum, which, obviously, is based on such characteristics. The main goal of education in this area- is the training of specialists who will competently analyze, plan, organize and control the phenomena occurring at the economic and social levels.

To achieve this goal, students must master such subjects as economics, statistics, finance and accounting, law, marketing. Mathematics is also an important subject that forms the basis of management. The choice of management is definitely a great choice, since during training you will receive the necessary competencies in the business world and much more.

Best universities for Management in Poland

Management studies is very popular and belongs to the “public” faculties, it is available in almost every Polish university. But still there are universities that are considered the most prestigious in this field.

  • University of Warsaw. The Faculty of Management is the oldest and largest among universities in Poland. Undergraduate, graduate, Polish-language programs and English-language programs are all available at this faculty. The cost of education is 3000 euros per year. The Faculty of Management occupies a leading position in national and international ratings, and in the rating “Perspektywy” in 2019 is the leader.
  • Warsaw University of Economics (SGH). The university offers study in management in bachelor’s and master’s degrees, in Polish or English. The cost of training is about 4000 euros/year. The University is a leader among economic universities in Poland and the Faculty of Management is in second place in the “Perspektywy” 2019 ranking
  • Kozminski University in Warsaw. In the offer of the Academy in the specialty of management, Polish language studies (the cost of training is about 3000 Euro / year) or English (about 5000 Euro / year), as well as a double degree programs (about 6000 Euro / year), first and second degree. The Faculty of Management – the first and only in Poland – was awarded the highest degree of the Polish Accreditation Committee. The Faculty of Management took 3rd place in the“Perspektywy” 2019 ranking.

In addition to this top three in the field of management, the following Polish universities can be distinguished: University of Economics in Poznan, University of Economics in Wroclaw, Lazarski University in Warsaw, Academy of Finance and Business Vistula, Warsaw University of technology and Wroclaw University of technology and others.

Career of a graduate of Management

Comprehensive education of management graduates means that they are ready to work in different fields and in different positions, thus, they can successfully find themselves in almost every professional sector. As a graduate of this faculty, you can work in many industries. For example: cosmetic, food, fashion, pharmaceutical or automotive. In fact, it depends on your interests and which companies you will submit your resume for employment.