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Study at the Polish Universities of Economics

Business education in Poland is more than 100 specialties implemented in a two-stage system (bachelor’s and master’s). Candidates for study have a huge number of specialties to choose from, focusing on various thematic areas of the economy. You can also choose a language of education, a large number of programs available in English. This programs are provided primarily by the state economic, humanitarian, technical and private universities in Poland.

In obtaining an economic education, young people are introduced to basic and important issues such as macro and microeconomics, economic law, finance and banking, as well as the basics of management supported by quantitative methods in economics, ie mathematics, statistics, computer science. Key topics include econometrics, economic forecasting, marketing and public finances. Depending on the specialization chosen, students have the opportunity to study finance and accounting, as well as issues and various aspects of international collaboration. While studying, you can also actively expand your knowledge in the context of research clubs, conferences and student exchanges, which is also a valuable life experience.

Top Business Universities in Poland 2019

  1. University of Economics in Poznan
  2. Warsaw University of Economics (SGH)
  3. Leon Kozminski Academy in Warsaw
  4. University of Economics in Wroclaw
  5. University of Economics in Katowice
  6. Economic University of Krakow

Please note that in addition to the above-mentioned educational institutions, you can obtain higher education in Poland in economics or management in other universities, which do not have a purely economic profile, but provide education in several different fields.