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Nowadays, more and more people are using cosmetic services. The market offers many jobs not only in Poland but also in any other country. In this regard, the popularity of this field of study among students is increasing. And universities in Poland are refining and developing their program in specialty cosmetology.

Cosmetology – study in Poland

Specialty cosmetology – refers to the medical education in Poland – is a science that deals with the prevention of skin diseases and its care, through which the effects of aging can “pause.” Knowledge in this field covers the basics of medicine – physiology; biology or cosmetic chemistry, and specialist knowledge. The subjects you are most likely to encounter in science are: cosmetic chemistry, dermatology, aesthetics, physiotherapy and massage; nursing cosmetology, psychology basics, and cosmetic prescriptions.

The training program at Polish universities in this field is designed to educate the best professionals who, having all kinds of treatment, will have first and foremost a sound knowledge. Students study subjects such as dermatology, aesthetic medicine, and allergology. They will also learn how to perform different types of procedures using advanced equipment and drugs. In addition, training in this area includes such laboratory items as the production of prescription cosmetics. During their studies in Poland in the field of cosmetology students also take many practical classes and internships.

Cosmetology – study at a private or public university in Poland?

You can get higher education in Poland in the field of cosmetology at more than 50 universities of private or public administration. Which is better to choose? State universities offer candidates a limited number of full-time study places. The offer of private universities in Poland is very large and without restrictions of places. Private universities usually cost less and focus more on practice. If you are considering a career in the cosmetics industry, choose a state university. In order to choose the best option for you, you need to learn: how equipped the university is for studying the profession; what teachers teach the subjects; whether they offer practices and what.

Admission Requirements for Cosmetology Programs

Due to the fact that cosmetology belongs to the canon of medical sciences, the entrant should pay more attention to these sciences today. After all, when entering this specialty, especially state universities in Poland, take into account the assessment of the main subjects – chemistry and biology. Another important condition for foreigners’ entry is knowledge of the language of instruction. Depending on the university, you will either need to provide a certificate to confirm your level or to pass an interview or take an exam.