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Every year thousands of young people from many countries come to study in Poland. And each one has its own story. Her story was shared by Dasha – a student of the 1st course of the logistics in tech school in Krakow.

Dasha’s story about studying in Poland

відгук навчання в польщіMy name is Dasha, I am 16 years old. I really wanted to study in Poland, but somehow after the 9th grade I was not very much tuned. So I went after the 10th. When I came to Poland, I was glad that at last I was so independent, far from my parents, but as every teenager had a turning point. It occurs somewhere after 1.5-2 months of studying, when everyone collects bags and goes home. But stop, at this moment it is necessary to sit down and understand why you came here? Why did you start it all? Why have so many forces been invested? This helped me a lot and calmed me down.

Studying in Poland is fundamentally different from ours, here the teachers will not rate you for beautiful eyes, they will not run after you and ask you to tell or write something. The teachers here are very demanding. I’m learning to logistic. I will say that this profession is not an easy one here. The first year is a lot of theory. We already went to the factory “Fiat”. In Poland, a passing score of 2, oddly enough. If you are not a professor of mathematics, like me, for example, then you need to extend at least 2 and this is normal. In the first year I have 4 logistics, every year I will add more.

If you want to go to study abroad, then you have to go, no need to hesitate, this is new knowledge, new emotions. This life, is one, you need to try, look for yourself. At any time you can change something. In my opinion, work should be enjoyable, but not vice versa.


As we see, studying in Poland is not only “pleasant”. Moving to a new country, and even at a young age, is also a challenge. But you can cope with every problem, the main thing is to understand why you are doing this. The “crisis period” will quickly pass and many opportunities, acquaintances, unforgettable moments and a promising future will open up before you!