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How to combine higher education in Poland with the possibility of obtaining professional experience? Or the only way is part-time education? No, this is not the only solution! Thanks to the dual education system, the student can combine these two possibilities. The dual form of education appeared in Europe decades ago and is very popular. In Poland, this system appeared relatively recently, a few years ago, but only now it is gaining momentum and interesting for young people.

What is Polish dual education system?

Dual education system is the best way to combine study with work. It is based on the study of the profession organized by the employer, and on theoretical education at the university. The dual system in Poland is 3 years of undergraduate education, for which a student not only attends lectures and classes, but also gains practical knowledge at work in a well-known company with which the university cooperates. The organization of such training depends on the university, but as a rule, Polish universities establish a schedule – 3 days at work and 2 days at classes. Usually after completing 2 semesters, the first year of study, the student continues the next years in the dual system. This program will interest you even more for one reason – you get paid for your work!

Advantages and disadvantages of dual education system in Poland

  • The opportunity to acquire during training, professional experience, professional knowledge and practical skills under the guidance of specialists from leading companies operating in Poland.
  • At the end of the dual study in Poland, the student has a diploma and work experience.
  • Students of dual education system in Poland are get paid for their work. It is usually accepted that students are paid an amount not less than the cost of education at their university.
  • The skills gained during study and work meet the needs of the modern labor market.
  • Learning a foreign language (usually English). Depending on the program, almost half of the classes are held in a foreign language.
  • Opportunity to get a job offer from a partner company immediately after graduation.
  • The ability to obtain professional certificates during training.
  • Interesting training, getting professional contacts, new acquaintances, and more.

The disadvantages of dual education in Poland can be attributed only to the fact that this form is not available in every university and not in every specialty.

Which Polish universities offer dual education?

As already mentioned, not many of Polish universities offer training in the dual system. Dual education is only gaining popularity among Polish educational institutions, but it is already being offered by some universities, mostly with a technical profile. So, in which universities in Poland can you study on this program?

  • The International University of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw. It is the first university in the region of Silesia, which introduced dual education into educational offer. This form is available for students of logistics and transport. Partner firms where students work during this education system are: Fleet Partners, Amazon Fulfillment Poland, CCC, Crusar, Hellmann, FF Fracht and others.
  • University of Logistics in Poznan. The university offers a dual education from 2014. This training system is offered in the specialty of logistics. Partner companies are Dachser, DHL, GLS, Kuehne + Nagel, Mandersloot, Panopa, Raben Group, Amazon, Volkswagen and others.
  • Poznan University of Technology. Dual education is available in the areas of automation and robotics, mechanics. Partner companies are Volkswagen, Phoenix Contact Wielkopolska, STER, Solaris Bus & Coach, Blum Polska and others.

The above options for universities are only a few, the most famous, among the possible ones. Every year new offers of dual education from Polish universities appear. The educational center ENTRANT officially cooperates with universities providing the opportunity to study the dual system and each of our students enrolled in these “special” specialties can get on this program and get professional experience immediately in conjunction with the training! Dual education in Poland – getting quality education in a prestigious direction in combination with work for which the student receives a salary! Great opportunity, isn’t it?