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Over the past 5 years, Wroclaw University of Economics is one of the most popular business university in Poland, both among Poles and among foreigners. Why did candidates chosen this university?

A wide education offer

Wroclaw University of Economics teaches students at four faculties: economics; management of informatics and finance; engineering-economic; economy, management and tourism. The education offer for higher education today includes 10 programs and almost 50 specialties taught in the Polish language. So every potential candidate will find something for himself. Applicants who would like to study in English will also not be disappointed because the university offers undergraduate and postgraduate study in 8 programs in English. In addition, the Wroclaw University of Economics is constantly expanding the educational offer with new specialties and changing existing ones.

Employment Prospects

A well developed and implemented strategy of the Wroclaw University of Economics has made it possible to become a popular economic university in the country according to the ratings of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland. A high level of education is not the only reason for popularity among candidates for study. The University of Economics in Wroclaw provides the opportunity for internships and paid internships in partner companies, thereby giving their students a chance to gain work experience already during their studies. The effectiveness of the education system, used by one of the largest universities in Lower Silesia, is confirmed by studies that its graduates find work less than three months after graduation. It is also worth noting that graduates with a diploma from the Wroclaw University of Economics belong to one of the highest paid employees in the Polish market. In addition, a large number of university students find work while studying. This is also influenced by the fact that there is a job in such a large and developed city as Wroclaw, and local students have many opportunities to work in well-known and prestigious companies.

Student Life

The university has its own campus with dormitories, a library, dining room located in the green zone of Wroclaw, which promotes the integration of the environment and joint initiatives, many of which have become permanent among student cultural activities in the city. Currently, Wroclaw University of Economics has more than 30 academic circles and more than 10 student organizations that provide ample opportunities for developing their own academic passions by students, as well as gain valuable experience in major projects and teamwork training. The location of the University of Economics in Wroclaw, the largest student city in Poland, is already a guarantee of fun and memorable student years for any student. Definitely, it is here at high rates you will spend this period. Cafes, restaurants, cinemas, museums, exhibitions, discos, fairs – this is more than enough in Wroclaw.

Interested in obtaining economic education in Poland? Definitely, the Wroclaw University of Economics will meet all your expectations! And we are the ENTRANT educational center, which has been cooperating actively for several years and is an official partner of the university, we will do our utmost to help you by taking all the formalities with the introduction and coming to study. CONTACTS