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Kozminski University or Lazarski University in Warsaw – This is the most common issue among entrants who want to study at a prestigious business university in Poland. And this is not surprising, since both universities are powerful and rated educational institutions that are well known on the educational map not only of Poland but also of Europe.

Education offer

Management, economics, finance, international relations, law – these are areas of study in which these universities specialize. For many years, both universities are the most prestigious private universities in Poland according to the “Perspektywy” rating: the Kozminski University – 1 place, Lazarski University – 3. This shows the quality of education, the perspective and demanded educational offer and opportunities for students. Universities are constantly improving their programs and adjusting to the demands of the labor market. Both universities offer study in English. And they are leaders in programs of double degree diplomas with universities of European countries (Britain, France, Portugal and others).


Both universities are considered “expensive” educational institutions. Prestige of the university, experienced teaching staff, internships, circles, various meetings and conferences, which promote the development and acquisition of experience for students, leisure activities, etc. – all this affects the price of education. Kozminski University and Lazarski University have gained popularity among entrants and students confirm that the price is entirely consistent with the level of education and the opportunities provided by these universities. So, how much does it cost to study in prestigious business universities in Poland?

  • For programs in polish language at Lazarski University, you will need to pay 7000-8000 PLN per year, the Faculty of Law will cost – 9300. Programs in English will cost about 3,000 Euros per year, and double degree programs – about 4000 euros. The Lazarski University offers medical education, the price of which is the same as in state medical schools – 12,000 euros per year.
  • Polish studies at the Kozminski University cost borders between 7300 and 12000 zł per year. English-language programs and double degree programs – over 5000 euros per year.

Kozminski University and Lazarski University – are modern campuses tailored to students’ needs. It is here that even the most exacting student will find everything necessary. Studying in these universities is a guarantee of the quality of education and prospects! And the educational center ENTRANT will help with the decision of all formalities at the entrance. We are the official partner of both universities!