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Poland is a country where everything is organized on a European level and universities have not become an exception. That is why the enthusiasts from different countries dream of studying in them. They are attracted not only to the quality of life and study in Poland, but also the opportunity to become a co-worker of one of the most prominent European companies after the award of the diploma.

Advantages of studying abroad for young people

Studying in Poland for an excellent career in the future is fully justified.

  • The diploma after graduation is recognised not only Europe-wide but also in key countries of the world.
  • Living in comfortable conditions at relatively low prices. Even a dormitory is equipped at the level of a three-star hotel.
  • Studying in Polish universities is cheaper than doing so in other European countries.
  • Ability to work while studying in Poland.

Prices for study and accommodation

Prices for accommodation and study in Poland are not much higher than the other European countries. The studying will cost from 1,000 to 4,500 euros per year. Accommodation in a student dormitory in the process of obtaining education in Poland costs from 100 to 150 euros – the price depends on how many students are accommodated in the room. If you wish, you can rent an apartment, but it will cost 250-350 euros.

Should I go to study in Poland?

Studying in Poland for further perspectives is a process that will surely only benefit. Obtaining a European level diploma, the opportunity to prove yourself and become a co-worker of a well-known company, a useful and interesting time – all this will be openly accessible to students, and therefore the prospects of learning are more attractive than seemingly at first glance. In addition, the learning process is supported by various means – all the necessary information is taken by students not only from the Internet or from books, but also from their own travels, which are often arranged by the management of the educational institution.

What else do you need to know about study in Poland

All educational institutions issue a diploma of a single state standard. It does not matter whether the status of a university is public or private. Incidentally, studying in a private institution will cost less than in the state. Some universities can offer foreigners special budget places. But their little and collect information about their availability should be in advance. Talented young people who is planning to study in Poland can count on special grants and scholarships from international organizations. But to do this you need to show your talents and abilities.

Let’s go to Poland!

A European standard of living, access to a wide range of information, a diploma by which a former student will become a desirable collaborator even in well-known companies, other perspectives and benefits – here’s a small list of what makes this decision.
The best universities and technical schools will open the way for young people to an interesting life, help them become a successful specialist, and really learn to do their job at a high professional level. Get the chance to be the best!