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Higher education could differ in foreign countries and education in Poland is not an exception. We have prepared 20 facts about higher education at Polish universities:

  1. Education at Polish universities starts from October, not September;
  2. Polish universities have two intakes: for autumn-winter semester (education starts from October; Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees) and for spring-summer semester (education starts from March; Master’s and Engineer’s degrees);
  3. Education on engineering sphere in Poland lasts 3,5 years (7 semesters);
  4. At most of the universities day-study education means studying 4 days a week, the 5th one is for self-study.
  5. Medical specializations, psychology, law are not usually divided into Bachelor’s and Master’s studies, education on such spheres lasts 5 years. After graduating students get Master’s degree diploma;
  6. Poland has a Bologna system of education;
  7. Each semester Polish universities change schedules and subjects;
  8. Medical and Art specializations are considered to be the most expensive;
  9. There are no age limits to enter university in Poland. Do not be surprised, if a part of your group mates would be older than 35 years;
  10. At Polish universities you can take exams several times: first time is a zero term, then first term, and then second – a retake. If you did not manage to pass the exam from 3 terms, you have a fourth term, but this exam will be organized for you next year;
  11. Professors at Polish universities do not take bribes! We recommend you even not to try, because in such cases professors call the police;
  12. You can skip the Physical Training, if for example, you are going to the gym or swimming pool. It will be enough to show the document from the sport complex that you regularly attend it;
  13. Your schedule could be chaotic. For example, on Monday you have one class from 8 to 10, then a break and after you have two more classes from 13 to 17; and on Tuesday you may have three classes from 12 to 18;
  14. You can be late to your class no more than 15 minutes;
  15. Each Polish university has “Biuro karier” a special department, which help students to find job and internships in Poland and abroad;
  16. Every university in Poland has its own local net (virtual dean’s office), where student can check the schedule, grades, events, etc.;
  17. Professors at the universities have duty hours, where students can ask for consultation or help;
  18. All public universities provide students with places at dormitories;
  19. Many higher education establishments in Poland are called ‘higher schools’, in other words it means ‘universities’;
  20. If you skip more than 3 classes from one subject without a valuable reason or inappropriate behavior could cause some problems for you.

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