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When all the questions are solved, you already became a student at the university, and the tickets to the chosen city are bought, it is high time to come to Poland. But, before you come to this country, find a minute to look through the tips about life in Poland.

1. After you arrived to the railway station/bus station/airport, do not be in a hurry to change money into Polish currency. In such places the rate of exchange is usually unprofitable, so you can lose not small sum of money. The best exchanges are situated in the center of the city, so it will be better for you to wait until you get there, because, for example, the rate of exchange at the airport could be 1EUR=3.2PLN, while in the central part of the city it is 1EUR=4.2PLN.
2. When you will get outside, do not take the taxis which are standing near the entrance to bus station/airport, because the price is 2-2.80PLN for kilometer. It will be cheaper to call the taxi by telephone number; here the price is 1.40-1.60PLN for kilometer.
3. Well-developed public transport is the alternative for taxi. After you arrive to Poland, add to your phone an application jakdojade.pl; with its help you will get all the information how you can get from any point of the city to the address you need.
4. It is very necessary for you to know how to read transport timetables and how to buy tickets. If it is a control of the tickets and you do not have one, you will definitely pay a fine (196-266PLN).
5. In Poland, it is very easy to get a fine for different administrative violations. It is forbidden to cross the street on the red light, to smoke at the bus stops and other public places, to drink or even just to carry alcoholic drinks on the streets of the city, etc.
6. Be attentive while looking for an apartment. If you are going to rent a flat with the help of real estate agency, you should be ready to pay the half of your monthly renting costs for agent who had helped you to find this flat.
7. There is a tradition in Poland to make a house-warming party after you rent a new flat. So, if you are also going to make such a party and there will be a noise after 22.00, do not be surprised if when the police come. Time from 22.00 till 6.00 is considered to be time for relax and silence, so different noise could be a problem for neighbors.
8. Try to speak Polish as far as possible. As in any country, in Poland the official language is very valuable, so it is pleasant for Poles to communicate with foreigners in the Polish language.
9. You should look for sales for different goods and services. For example, you can save your money on the tickets to the trip you were always dreaming about, if you buy the tickets in advance or if you find some discounts.
10. You should always have with you a document with photo, but there is no need to take all documents with you. It will be enough to have a student card, because it is one of the documents which confirm your person.

Of course, after living in Poland for some time, you will know different nuances which can appear in the everyday life, but while you just arriving to the country or just planning to enter Polish university, try to keep in mind these tips and use them during your time in Poland.