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Навчання в Університеті Фінансів і Управління у Варшаві фінансоване з фондів ЄС: навчання від 3000 злотих в рік + щомісячна стипендія 1500 злотих !!!
Університет Фінансів і Управління у Варшаві з цьогорічної вступної кампанії відкрив три нові престижні напрямки навчання. Головною перевагою є те, що навчання на них фінансоване з фондів ЄС, а це означає знижку на навчання та стипендії...
Training with English as the language of instruction at prestigious universities in Warsaw and Lublin with guaranteed scholarships for the entire period of training!
This year the Polish universities have carefully prepared for the recruitment of applicants, by introducing discounts for training from several zlotys even up to a thousand Euros, they provide free language courses of Polish or English, they are exempted from paying a registration fee, and some universities even guarantee a scholarship for the whole period of training, which covers quite the cost of education and it is still enough for individual expenses...
Training with English as the language of instruction in the Lublin University of Technology with additional funding !!!
The Lublin University of Technology has developed a project that should promote the internationalization of education and attract applicants from different parts of the world. And the most interesting is that in comparison with other Polish universities, the price of training in English is very low. And that's not all, all accepted students will receive a scholarship during the training that covers the living expenses and beyond...
Enter Polish colleges beyond the 9th grade or enter the university on finishing the 11th grade? What is better?
Please note that only students from Ukraine and Belarus can apply to Polish technical schools.
Apply to Polish technical schools 2017/18
Please note that only students from Ukraine and Belarus can apply to Polish technical schools.
Free education in Polish language for foreigners at Warsaw University of Technology
We have good news for you! This year Warsaw University of Technology again gave places for foreigners to study for free.
Education in Warsaw. Most prestigious universities in Warsaw.
It is Warsaw, the largest city in Poland, offers students many opportunities. This city is perfect for everyone. Choosing education in Warsaw – you choose a full range of possibilities.
Enter a university in Poland. Important nuances. When to begin to address these issues?
We are often asked, "When should I begin to address the issues related to entering universities in Poland?", our answer is "In advance"...
About 120 free places at English-speaking studying programmes at University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin! Everyone can take an opportunity!
That has never happened before! University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin (WSEI) allocated more than 120 free places for English-speaking studying programmes for Poles and entrants from Ukraine and Belarus. So, what is needed?
Speciality «Alternative energy sources» is the future!
Speciality "Alternative energy sources" will give you knowledge in the technical and natural area, which allows you to design, implement and manage new technologies. For those who have the knowledge and experience in the implementation of new alternative energy technology guaranteed high wages and rapid career growth...
Working hours of the ENTRANT Agency during the Christmas and New Year holidays
We want to inform you that during the Christmas and New Year holidays the ENTRANT Agency will be closed from the 24th of December 2016 until the 10th of January 2017...
Some words about the education in private universities in Poland
A large number of private universities in Poland offers training at the same level as the best public universities. Moreover, their educational offer more varied and adapted to the modern requirements of the labor market. However, choosing such type of University, you must be careful, because among the good, there are also weak...
The story of student from Belarus about her studies in Poland
The idea to enter the university abroad came to me at the end of 10th form, but there were new questions, such as which country, which university and what language of studies to choose. I choose Poland not immediately...
What to do and where to go in case of emergency during the stay in Poland?
Staying in other country for short or long period is always a tiny risk, so it is important to know where a foreigner can ask for help in case of unexpected situations...  
Polish Ministry of Education makes changes, which will improve conditions of studies for foreign students
During several months, Polish Ministry of Education was creating a program of internationalization of science and higher education. Changes come into effect from October 2016. However, what exactly will be changed and which new conditions will be provided for international students?
ATTENTION! There are promotions on services of ENTRANT company for admission to universities and colleges in Poland in 2017/2018! Take the opportunity today!
Do you decide to get an education in the Polish university or college? Why put off this question for later? - Start the admissions process today! 
Double-degree Program in Lazarski University
Years ago Lazarski University has developed a partner program with Coventry University (Great Britain). If you are applying for that program you receive an opportunity to graduate with diplomas of 2 prestigious universities...
What direction of study to choose? TOP 10 areas of study in Poland, which will provide you a high-paying job!
The choice of the future profession is not an easy decision. Each applicant, upon graduation wants to find perspective, well-paid and interesting job. Polish universities offer a wide range of specialties, how to choose the right one. We offer you the TOP 10 specialties in Poland, which will provide you a high-paying job!
The process of the obtaining a Polish student visa
Admission to the Polish University always takes a certain period of time, and when finally the decision on admission to the university in your hands, there is only one thing to do - to get a visa...
How to rent an apartment in Poland? Tips.
The issue of accommodation is, with no doubt, one of the most urgent issues if you are planning to study in Poland or you are already a student. Most enrollees and students prefer to live in dormitories because it is relatively cheaper and more fun. Unfortunately, not all the universities in Poland can provide their students with places in dormitories. In addition to this, not all the students would like to live in a dorm. In this case, renting an apartment is the best option...
Transfer to the Polish university
Thinking about studying in Poland but currently you are a student of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd course of the university in Ukraine, Belarus or any other country? We offer you a transfer to one of the Polish universities. Actually, this is possible and not so difficult as you may have expected...
20 facts about higher education in Poland
Higher education could differ in foreign countries and education in Poland is not an exception. We have prepared 20 facts about higher education at Polish universities...
Ranking of Higher Education Establishments in Poland 2016
It is already known, which university in Poland is the best! Some days ago Educational fund «Perspektywy» has published a ranking of the most prestigious universities in Poland in 2016. 315 public and private universities were analyzed in order to get the results...
IT studies at Polish universities
In the epoch of informational technologies, students from different countries are interested in IT studies. It is difficult to call IT education easy and simple, but if you get higher education from IT sphere, you will definitely find interesting and perspective job. IT is a specialization which will give you great opportunities for future...
Polish private universities open medical studies!
Till this time, medical education in Poland was possible only in public universities in Poland. Starting from this year, private universities also want to recruit students for medical spheres...
NEW! Education in Lublin University of Technology in the Russian language!
Lublin University of Technology created the educational program on Master's degree at the faculty of Administration in Russian language...
Free education in Polish language for foreigners at Warsaw University of Technology
he number of places is around 1% from the general number of places for the corresponding fields of study. The admission is organized according with the terms of the competition...
Medical education in Poland: universities, cost, requirements, education process, advantages and prospects.
It is a resolute decision for every entrant to get higher medical education, because medical sphere is one of the most difficult and responsible. Polish medical universities are one of the best variants...
Polish public universities abate tuition fees for Ukrainians. Education in Europe becomes more available.
Public universities also started to follow private ones and now give free places for international students, have scholarships and discounts, in such way making European education more available for everyone....
TOP 6 the Most Interesting Internships for Students, which you can have while studying in Poland.
Years of being a student is a great opportunity to know oneself and the world. Besides the knowledge, students can get priceless experience while taking a chance to have an internship in EU, the USA, or other countries. Definitely, education in Poland gives such opportunities for students....
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