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Education in Poland and Polish language courses

If you are on our website, it means that you are interested in education in Poland. We can say that it is a good choice. More and more foreignes decide to study in this country. Poland becomes very popular among international entrants.

There are several reasons to prove it. First of all, it is comfortable geographical position of Poland. Secondly, the cost for education is available for every one. In Poland, even for 750 EUR per year, you can get quality European education.

It is also important that Poland has joined the Bologna process and has introduced two-stage system of higher education – Bachelor and Master. As a result, Polish diplomas are recognized in the whole Europe and there is no need to confirm them. With such diploma you can continue your education in other country with the Bologna process or you can start working in the country you like the most.

In spite of the fact that Poland is a part of European Union, the cost of living here is much lower than in other European countries. And Poland is considered to be the most calm, safe, and comfortable country in Europe.

Taking into account all these benefits, «Entrant» company decided to help people to get higher education in Poland. We guarantee that you will be a student in the Polish university. Beside this, we give useful pieces of advice and informational support during the first year of education. So, if you decided to get European education in Poland, we would help you to do this.
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Olena (Ukraine, Vatutine)
We have to make right decisions on difficult issues we face in our lives. The first serious choice we have to make is when we are still in high school and it is about a university to study in and our future profession...
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